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  • On March 20, 1890, a rugby club installed in the Wendt meadow emerged. A dozen young men from the Servette district were inspired by their English counterparts and started playing rugby.
  • Over the next ten years, the club grew considerably. A football section was then created, first under the name of the "Sunday Team", which later became the Servette Football Club.
  • With the ever-increasing popularity of football in the Geneva region, rugby opponents became hard to find. The club therefore also focused on football, but did not forget its origin and history, which began with an oval ball.
Rugby 1899

2014: launch of the Servette Rugby Club, which goals were/are:

  • Create the Servette Rugby Club, a local rugby team with the ambition of playing in the French rugby championship, to start in Series 4 during the 2014-2015 season.
  • To federate the existing rugby structures in the canton and in Greater Geneva around this project (Geneva, Oval Project) in order to feed the flag team and encourage the raising of the level in the existing teams.
  • To build a rugby and cross-border rugby training sports center around Lake Geneva, called “Grand Genève”.
  • Supply the Swiss national rugby team with new talented players.
  • To become a model of excellence in terms of training for young people, educators and referees in terms of club management and the communication of values linked to sport in general, rugby in particular.
  • To offer young people from all over Switzerland and “Grand Genève” an ambitious and structured sporting project around rugby.