Pacte Grenat

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Pacte Grenat

Servette Rugby Club wishes to become a player in sustainable development. Over time, we want to improve the consumption of our natural resources, the production of our waste and its sorting, as well as the pollution linked to transportation...

We propose to take mutual decisions, that are adapted to our activity in order to limit environmental impacts. How? By mobilizing the cultural and social resources of the area as well as by giving both solidarity and citizen dimensions to the various projects carried out.

There are so many virtues to behave better! On the environmental level: pollution can be reduced; on the economic level: costs are saved, and on the social level: it improves solidarity! We nevertheless keep in mind that we might have some difficulties with certain actions. However, these goals are not meant to be unattainable objectives, but our aim is to have each "step" come through, one after the other, in order to help the club in general, i.e. with an impact on and its administration, the Corps of Referees, the sports’ and medical staff, the technical team, the Rugby School and its training team, the Academy, the Hopes and the First Team.... from the youngest to the oldest, to become more responsible for our planet.

The aim of these issues is to create a better place to live, the purpose is to pass on to future generations values that are additional to those of Rugby.

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The club has named its environmental challenge the "Pacte Grenat". The contents of this Pacte are based on the expertise of our main partner: Helvetia Environment Group, historically recognized as a benchmark company in the Swiss waste management market. Helvetia will be our expert and advisor in collecting waste, sorting, recycling, in order to bring it back to life!

The aim of the Servette RC’s “Pacte Grenat” is to raise awareness of waste sorting and recycling among fans, players and all stakeholders.

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