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U6 - U8 FFR: Tournament in Nantua on Saturday morning.

U10 FFR: Tournament in Bellegarde on Saturday mornings.

U10 - U12 FSR: Regular training at Parc du Wellingtonnia on Saturday mornings.

U12 FFR: Superb tournament for our 3 teams, who remained unbeaten, with a total of 13 wins and 2 draws.

U14 FFR / U15 FEM: An 84-0 win over Bresse/Veyle, and a 48-5 victory over Viriat/Montrevel.

U14 FSR: Training at the Centre Sportif de Vessy.


U16 Regional: 38-19 defeat by Veore XV.

U16 National: 27-12 defeat by Beaune, Nuitton, Verdun, Seurre. 

U18: Encouraging 22-3 defeat by CSBJ, with a notable fighting spirit.

U18 FEM: Defeat to group favourites and reigning champions CD74, but a great game from our players that made the educators and supporters present proud!


National Teams: The Nati of our Garnet players L. Heinrich, L. Chavanon and V. Reymond won 31-17 in Lithuania.

Espoirs: Servette RC vs Le Havre AC, 24 - 03

First Team: Servette RC vs Le Havre AC, 48 - 03

Our senior teams won at home against Le Havre on Sunday, and now have 8 wins from 8 games so far this season.


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1Orléans 47
3Chartres 38
4Nuits Saint Georges 33
5Le Havre AC 30
6Sarcelles 24
7Drancy 24
8Courbevoie 20
9Villefranche sur Saône 18
10Beauvais 17
11Paris Université club 15
12Beaune -20
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Dimanche 10.09.2023 15h15 Adversaire Paris Université Club - Servette Servette logo 14-46
Dimanche 17.09.2023 15h15 Servette logo Servette - Beauvais Adversaire 46-05
Dimanche 08.10.2023 15h15 Servette logo Servette - Drancy/Saint-Denis Adversaire 27-19
Dimanche 15.10.2023 15h15 Adversaire Chartres - Servette Servette logo 24-26
Dimanche 22.10.2023 15h15 Servette logo Servette - Villefranche Adversaire 25-06
Dimanche 05.11.2023 15h15 Adversaire Courbevoie - Servette Servette logo 14-26
Dimanche 12.11.2023 14h15 Servette logo Servette - Le Havre Adversaire 48-03
Dimanche 19.11.2023 15h15 Adversaire Nuits-Saint-Georges - Servette Servette logo 28-25
Dimanche 02.12.2023 15h15 Adversaire Orléans - Servette Servette logo 32-10
Dimanche 10.12.2023 15h15 Servette logo Servette - Sarcelles Adversaire -
Dimanche 17.12.2023 15h15 Servette logo Servette - Paris Université Club Adversaire -
Dimanche 14.01.2024 15h15 Adversaire Beauvais - Servette Servette logo -
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